4 Effective Ways Insurance Agents Can Utilize Facebook

Published on June 21, 2021

If you think Facebook has no real value for your insurance business, think again. 

Almost 70% of American adults use Facebook, and ¾ of those users are on the social media site on a daily basis (Pew Research). Social media is certainly nothing to be taken lightly with those numbers. 

Facebook isn’t just for sharing pictures and wandering aimlessly. It can be a powerful tool for agents to earn the confidence of potential clients and grow their businesses. 

How Insurance Agents Can Utilize Facebook  

1. Showcase reviews

When potential clients are interested in your expertise and insurance services, they will often look you up on Facebook to see if you have any feedback from your current customers. 

This is where an established and active business page comes in handy. Ask your current client base to leave you a review on Facebook. Make this a part of your routine each time you close a new sale as well. Soon you’ll have dozens (or more hopefully) of reviews to represent your exceptional service as an insurance agent. 

2. Share helpful insurance content 

While it’s important for your business Facebook page to give you a good reputation, it’s also essential you offer value to current and prospective clients. How can you accomplish this? 

Share a weekly video on a topic that may be helpful to your market like “Choosing the best Medicare supplement plan” or “Purchasing life insurance over 65.” 

Post a daily financial tip or link to a helpful website or finance article. When an interested prospect visits your Facebook page, the fact that you’re very active with content on your Facebook page will instill confidence in your knowledge. You may even get a message from a curious potential client for more information.

Feel overwhelmed about posting something every day? Have no fear, Facebook allows you to schedule posts ahead of time. You can set it and forget it! Just remember to check back often enough so you don’t miss responding to any comments. 

3. Use Facebook Ads 

You’ve probably been hit with ads on Facebook before related to something you’ve recently looked up. You can utilize this marketing feature yourself for your insurance business. 

Facebook Ads Manager allows you to create campaigns based on your marketing objective. For the most part, you’ll probably want to stick to lead generation and conversion ads to generate new business.

You can choose your audience based on a variety of targeting options Facebook offers like age, interests, etc. 

Facebook Blueprint is an excellent resource to start learning about advertising on the platform. There are over 75 free training courses on a variety of topics like how the ad auction works, custom audiences, analytics, and more.

4. Track Your Competition

Another way insurance agents can utilize Facebook is by noting the activity of other agents in a similar market. You can find what is working for fellow insurance professionals and emulate their social media strategies. 

What kind of videos are they getting substantial engagement with? Are they linking to a personal blog? Do they create content with a lot of calls-to-action? 

Tracking your competition can give you the insight and inspiration you need to make Facebook a strong marketing tool for your business. 


If you haven’t taken Facebook seriously up to this point, it’s never too late to start using it to your advantage. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the business tools Facebook has to offer and how they can benefit your insurance business. 

What ways have you utilized Facebook to grow your agency? Have any of the above suggestions worked particularly well for you?

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