4 Noteworthy Youtube Channels For Insurance Agents

Published on June 21, 2021

In the online world, there is no shortage of resources to keep your business acumen sharp and up-to-date. Blogs, social media, podcasts, and videos are just a few popular choices among a vast array of accessible options. 

As an insurance agent, you’re going to want to invest some time ingesting education to grow as an entrepreneur and business owner. Taking the time to learn from the most successful people will only benefit you in the long run. 

Sometimes YouTube is overlooked as one of the top search engines in the world. With a few minutes of searching, you can find meaty content and specific answers to problems you may be facing as an agent. 

Here are some of our top favorite YouTube channels for insurance agents. 

1. David Duford

David is a best-selling published author and successful insurance agent specializing in final expense, annuities, mortgage protection, and Medicare. He has helped over 1,000 agents become top producers in these products using his sales and marketing strategies. 

His YouTube channel publishes several weekly videos and is committed to providing top training for insurance agents in sales, prospecting, marketing, and more. 

Example videos: 

“ How To Convert More Final Expense Leads” 

“ Annuity Sales Training For Newbies”

“Why Insurance Agents Should Consider Selling Medicare Advantage” 

This channel definitely has some extremely valuable tips for agents of all experience levels. 

Check out his channel here

2. Cody Askins

If you’re looking for some inspiration as an agent, Cody is definitely your guy. At just 28 years old, Cody owns and operates five insurance-based companies that gross over $6 million in yearly sales. Now that’s impressive! At age 20 Cody jumped into the insurance industry with a goal to hit six-figures his first year. He crushed that goal in only eight months. 

In addition to his invaluable YouTube channel, Cody Askins offers several exclusive training/coaching programs on his website. 

Example videos:

“The Top Five Mistake New Insurance Agents Are Making On The Phone”

“Three Trial Closes All Insurance Agents Should Know”

“Tips For Calling Medicare Leads”

Cody’s content covers it all. His channel boasts over 2.6 million views to prove it! 

You can find his channel here

3. Jason Whaling

Looking for content about a wide variety of topics for entrepreneurs? This is the channel for you. Jason Whaling is an online entrepreneur with a YouTube channel that covers an assortment of topics ranging from content marketing to sales funnels and landing page design. This YouTube channel has just about any topic a business owner could think of. 

Example videos: 

“How To Build A Landing Page From Scratch”

“Google Ads Bidding Optimization Strategies”

“How To Screw Up A Sales Call” 

If you’re less familiar with digital marketing, Jason’s channel is a great place to get started.

Check it out here

4. Grant Cardone 

With over 1.26 million subscribers, Grant Cardone is one of the most well-known business and finance gurus out there. He is a top social media influencer worldwide. Among an endless list of accomplishments, Grant is the CEO of seven privately held companies and the author of eight books. He definitely knows a thing or two about entrepreneurship and success. 

Grant Cardone’s YouTube channel has thousands of videos on topics like personal finance, branding, investing, entrepreneurship, and much more. 

Example videos:

“5 Sales Tips Guaranteed To Make You More Money”

“The Formula To Make Your Ads Work”

“How To Get Anything You Want In Life Or Business”

You can visit Grant’s channel here.

We hope you find these insurance and business professionals helpful. With a little digging, you can find some additional highly valuable YouTube channels covering leads, marketing, sales, prospecting, and all other aspects of running an agency.

 What are your favorite YouTube channels for your insurance business? 

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