4 Tips for Young Life Insurance Agents who want to Begin a Career Selling to Senior Citizens

Published on April 26, 2021

Senior citizens are counting on reliable and trustworthy insurance agents to help navigate their life insurance policies and gain the most out of their plans.

Life Insurance for the Elderly

Many components can be challenging to understand when it comes to life insurance plans for senior citizens. Life insurance agents are looked up to for addressing concerns, offering feedback, and providing superb customer service.

How Young Life Insurance Agents can Excel in a Career Selling to Senior Citizens

Reaching one’s 65th birthday is a huge milestone, and it can come with changes in life insurance. Questions about benefits and retirement like “what happens to my basic life insurance after I retire and reach age 65” can abound, as well as inquiries about optional and available coverage. It is vital for young and new life insurance agents to know the ins and outs of life insurance policies and plans. Moreover, there are four tips to refer to when working with a senior-aged target market. These include:

Speaking Less and Listening More: Life insurance agents have a lot of knowledge and information on life insurance. After all, life insurance falls under their professional background and passion. However, it can be draining to listen to someone talk on and on about something, especially if it is an unfamiliar or confusing topic. Stick to the main points, and be open to questions. At the same time, remember that it is a 2-way conversation. Ask senior citizens about their kids and other family members, what hobbies they are interested in, what events they are participating in, and what food they love to eat. Be sincere about your questions and show engagement. Find common ground and hone in on shared interests, whether it pertains to traveling, sports teams, or favorite books you are both currently reading.

Dressing and Communicating Professionally: It is essential to have clients be at ease by speaking in a relaxed and open manner. However, it is also vital to be aware of the slang, idioms, and expressions you use. For instance, do not abbreviate words in writing and assume that your clients understand what you are referring to. When speaking aloud, refrain from speaking in incomplete sentences or using slang that can be confusing or inappropriate to comprehend. Moreover, pay attention to your attire. Dress professionally and dress more business-like than casually. Plus, dressing professionally can have others take you more seriously while simultaneously boosting your confidence levels.

Being Prepared and Well-Informed: Being a less experienced life insurance agent can cause doubts or questions to arise. It is normal not to know everything, but it is all about responding to challenging situations. Learn about your products, ask experienced co-workers for advice, find mentors, and look for answers to things you are unfamiliar with. There are plenty of seminars, workshops, books, and videos to refer to gain more expertise. Prioritize your professional development and utilize all the resources available to you.

Remaining Persistent and Empathetic: Remember that you are in the business of selling a value and lifestyle. Show the importance of various life insurance plans and be able to accurately recognize and act on buying signals. Moreover, be empathetic to sensitive topics or challenges your clients are going through. Have them feel comfortable sharing the intimate details of their lives, and finding appropriate solutions for them.

Overall, all life insurance agents need to work on finding a solution, building a healthy relationship with clients, and put people first.

Final Thoughts

As a young or new life insurance agent, you can use your knowledge, charisma, empathy, and professional manner to reach out to senior citizens in helpful ways. To learn more about how to begin a career selling life insurance to senior citizens, contact the experts at American Senior Benefits. Our licensed experts will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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