5 Tips For Choosing a Broker as an Agent

Published on June 21, 2021

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Are you a brand new insurance agent looking for the best broker? Or perhaps you’re looking to switch brokers after a poor experience. It’s an important decision vital to your career as an insurance agent. Don’t just settle with any company. 

Not all insurance brokers are alike or a good fit for everyone. What do the best brokers have in common?

Here are five ways to recognize an excellent insurance broker as an agent:

1) Support

Any agent knows the key to success ultimately is getting clients. Without consistent marketing and customer management, it will be difficult to gain traction as an agent trying to build a business. Not all brokers offer the same level of support in helping their agents acquire and manage clients. Look for a broker that offers CRM software with lead, marketing, and prospecting tools so you can have a consistent flow of interested clients. 

2) Training

Most agents have had experience in sales, finance, and business. You’ve most likely undergone hours of specialized training to become licensed. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, a great broker provides its agents with tools for ongoing training and education. From licensing coursework to specialized product training, make sure the broker you choose provides a wide variety of materials to help you succeed in your ongoing learning. This may include in-person instruction, online modules, and continuous live support. 

3) Business Tools

A reliable broker equips its agents with powerful business tracking tools to manage the stockpile of daily tasks and data. A platform with business reports, product dashboards, and other tracking systems is an indispensable tool for agents to thrive. Business tools that give you access to your data and pending tasks will help you stay organized and productive throughout a busy day. 

4) Products

Potential clients want to know what they’re buying is reliable and trustworthy. A respectable broker offers a range of recognized top names in insurance products to suit its target clients.  Trusted brand names are always important in product offerings. Choose a broker that partners with trustworthy companies so that you have a strong product portfolio to present to prospects. 

5) Compensation/Advancement

One of the top reasons you may have decided on a career as an agent is probably the potential compensation. After all, shouldn’t diligent work be rewarded appropriately? Your broker should feel the same way! Brokers are there to help their agents build a stable, long-term business that will build wealth for years to come. Agents should be given ample opportunity to grow their agencies and build a team to support them. A clear path for advancement is a sign of an excellent broker. Don’t forget recognition! Many brokers offer travel rewards and incentives for reaching certain goals and milestones. Who doesn’t enjoy a free trip? Select a broker that rewards its agents accordingly. You deserve to be treated as an asset to your company.

At American Senior Benefits, we equip our agents with all of the above tools to help our agents achieve their professional goals. From outstanding education and training options to competitive compensations plans, we are here to support our agents in their development. Our advanced systems will keep you on track and allow you to tackle each aspect of your business with confidence. We specialize in insurance solutions for seniors and make sure you know the ins and outs of our products. 

Contact us today to learn more about how to become an agent with American Senior Benefits. We can assure that we are the broker for you!

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