7 Characteristics That Will Maximize Success as an Insurance Agent

Published on June 21, 2021

Becoming an insurance agent certainly isn’t for everyone. While the benefits of having your own business are abundant and the long-term income potential is excellent, being an agent requires both dedication and diligence. 

Do you have what it takes? 

Here is a list of traits that will ensure success as an insurance agent:

Relationship-Building Skills

It’s essential for any agent to have exceptional people skills. The bulk of your work revolves around meeting with clients, speaking with prospects on the phone, and responding to email inquiries. Being able to work collaboratively with people and build their trust will ensure you can retain a strong client base for years to come.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Growing a business is not for the faint of heart. Becoming an agent means taking on an immense amount of responsibility and at times, struggle. A true entrepreneur is able to overcome strife and focus on success. After all, the ultimate goal of success as an insurance agent is to be your own boss! 


One of the major obstacles you will face as an agent is rejection. You’ll need to listen to the woes and frustrations of angry clients at times and be able to keep an upbeat attitude. The best agents can shrug off the negativity and stay positive through the ongoing journey of customer acquisition and retention. 


You can be sure that honesty in business dealings and conversations will get you far in the insurance world. As an agent, clients are looking to you for accurate and sincere advice. When people are in the process of purchasing a product like life insurance, they are relying on your authenticity and truthfulness. Remember, word-of-mouth can provide referrals for years to come. Build a good reputation and reap the benefits!  

Work/Life Balance

While building up your insurance agency requires a lot of sacrifices and long hours, it’s also imperative to give yourself a break. Scheduling specific blocks of time for family and relaxation will give your mind the respite it needs to work efficiently when you’re back in the office. Managing stress by unwinding at the right time is a good habit to establish. Don’t forget to take a vacation!

Optimized Physical Health

A typical office job is not your friend when it comes to physical health. Lack of substantial exercise, weight gain, back issues, and eye strain are all possible side effects of a sedentary job. Over a long period, these problems can have poor consequences on your overall health. If you want to feel good and avoid these outcomes, schedule time each week to exercise. Starting your morning with a workout routine and healthy meal will help you feel energized and ready to tackle the day. Take small windows of time while working to walk around, stretch, and give your eyes a break from a computer screen. Pack well-balanced meals for lunch so you don’t have to worry about going out and eating too much. Last but not least, get adequate sleep at night! Your health plays a serious role in your professional life, and as an agent performance matters. 


Last but not least, confidence will surely help you maximize success as an insurance agent. It’s a competitive playing field, and belief in your ability to provide your clients with better service than anyone else will certainly boost your performance. Your clients and prospects will notice it too, which in turn establishes trust in your professional relationship. 

Do these qualities describe you personally? A career as an insurance agent may be the perfect fit! Contact us now for more information on how you can become an agent. 

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