8 Blogs Every Insurance Agent Should Follow

Published on May 29, 2020

Keeping up with the latest trends and news regarding insurance is important for agents. There are diverse resources available for doing so — such as books, videos, podcasts, and blogs.

Blogs are an easy way to access information quickly. With so many choices out there, it can be tedious searching for the most helpful knowledge. Don’t fret, we’ve done the research for you.

Here is a list of 8 blogs every insurance agent should follow:


Agents that sell in the health insurance sphere should add Healthinsurance.org to their toolkit. With Medicare and Medicaid guidelines frequently changing, it can be difficult to navigate. The blog features expert analysis on the latest issues in health reform. You don’t want to miss this resource for valuable news.

The Triple-I Blog

The Insurance Information Institute is home to The Triple-I Blog, “The trusted source of unique, data-driven insights on insurance to inform and empower consumers.” The blog provides excellent professional-level data on endless insurance industry topics. While aimed at consumers, it’s a great resource for agents to ingest the latest insurance news.

Agency Intelligence Blog

Agency Intelligence Blog is something every insurance agent should follow. It’s dedicated to guiding agents in growing their businesses by providing top-notch marketing strategies. Agency Intelligence even has a podcast and mastermind program with exclusive benefits.

Insurance Journal

The Insurance Journal is one of the top online insurance publications, providing all the leading stories and trends in the industry. Insurance Journal maintains over ten of its own separate blogs — each with its own unique insurance theme. The site is an incredible resource for agents.

Agency Revolution Blog

If you want some fresh ideas for digital marketing and attracting clients, Agency Revolution is the perfect place to get it. Their blog features numerous marketing strategies and guides from social media to SEO. It’s a must-read for every insurance agent looking to breathe new life into their marketing.

Risk Management Monitor

As the name suggests, Risk Management Monitor offers insurance agents data-supported posts to help keep them up to date on the latest risk management topics for their businesses. Business interruption, crisis management, and emerging risk are all focal points of the blog.

National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors Blog

The NAIFA blog keeps tabs on ongoing legislation that may affect insurance and financial advisors. There are several years worth of topics to dig through, and it’s a great way to track bills or passed laws that have an impact on your business and clients.

SelectQuote Blog

Though this may simply seem like a blog for the average consumer, we also find it helpful for agents. Why? It’s essential to get into your prospect’s head before closing the deal. Find out what consumers are dealing with, and the questions they are asking. This blog will give you ideas about the problems your potential clients are facing, and give you ideas on how to solve those problems.

Take the time to check out these blogs and sort through the information. Bookmark these sites for future reading.

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