8 Ways You Can Make Your Insurance Clients Feel Appreciated

Published on June 21, 2021

The benefit of making your customers feel appreciated is invaluable. 

Something insurance customers don’t want is an agent that closes the deal and disappears. Nothing will shut down future opportunities faster than failing to make your clients feel appreciated. 

How can you make your current customers feel like rockstars? We have a few ideas to help. 

How to Make Your Insurance Clients Feel Appreciated 

1. Call to thank them after closing a policy 

A genuine thank-you call after doing business together is always welcome. Ask your clients if they have any questions about the policy and ensure them you are always a phone call away in the event something happens or questions arise. 

2. Send a welcome packet 

Once you have closed with a client, mail a welcome packet that includes some necessities. Include a couple of business cards, personalized welcome letter, essential phone numbers and email addresses, and a fridge magnet for easy access.  Explain any processes they may need to know about regarding their policy. 

3. Periodically send out discount coupons to local businesses

Team up with a few local businesses and get some coupons you can send out to your clients. They will get free advertising and more customers, and you will provide value to your clients as well. Examples: 

  • Restaurant 
  • Car Wash
  • Nail Salon
  • Pest Control Service

4. Call them on their birthdays

Put a reminder in your calendar for each client’s birthday. Even if you have a lot of clients, a quick phone call takes no time at all and is enough to say “I’m thinking about you.” 

5. Send out a Christmas card

Mail your clients a Christmas card from your agency in December. This can also be a good time to remind them that the new year is a great chance to review their coverage and finances with you. 

6. Shout out new clients on your professional Facebook page

Take the time to tag your new client in a post on your Facebook page and welcome them to “the family.” 

7. Host a customer appreciation event

Invite all your clients to a special event just to say “thank you” with no ulterior motives. You can provide a casual lunch or wine tasting and get a chance to speak with your clients face-to-face. This helps let them know you’re still around and appreciate their business! 

8. Continue to provide value

Just because your clients have a policy with you doesn’t mean they no longer need your help or advice. Send a monthly video to their email inbox with valuable information and tips to help them with everyday issues like saving for retirement, lowering healthcare costs, etc. Start a blog with helpful posts for your clients to follow. You may even get someone interested in an additional type of insurance policy! 

We hope these tips help you connect with your clients and make them feel more appreciated. Do you have any strategies that have paid off for you? 

Let us know below! 

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