9 Fantastic Advertising Ideas You Should Use as an Insurance Agent

Published on July 14, 2020

Getting your name out there, especially as a newer agent can be difficult. Advertising isn’t exactly something taught when studying for your licensure, and obtaining new business can be a tricky thing to navigate.

We’ve compiled a list of advertising and marketing strategies you can use to produce more business.

9 Advertising Ideas for Insurance Agents

1. Video testimonials 

Written reviews are common, but they don’t quite hit the spot like a video testimonial does. Since reviews can often be fabricated, they don’t hold as much weight as an actual person recording a video of their experience with you. Use video testimonials for your social media accounts, website, and blog if you have one. 

2. Rank in Google maps

When someone uses Google to find an insurance agent, there will be a set of three listings that pop up in the map on the top of the page. These listings tend to get the most traffic, so it’s worth the investment in learning how to get there. Ranking will surely help you acquire more organic traffic and ultimately more insurance leads. 

3. Sponsor a community event 

Sponsoring a local community event is an easy way to get more advertising on materials like brochures, banners, shirts, etc. You could choose anything from an auction to a seminar or sports event. 

4. Utilize referrals

Partner up with a few local business professionals for referrals. Partnering with other businesses can be a great way to get traffic from organic sources, provided there are no conflicts of interest.

5. Give out shirts

You may already have a few shirts with your insurance agent information on them, but if you’re the only one wearing them then that defeats the purpose! Get some nicer shirts made and give them to clients that would be willing to sport them to get some more attention from the community. 

6. Offer free business seminars for entrepreneurs 

There are too many professionals that fail to offer true value to those that they try to get in front of. Hosting a free seminar for entrepreneurs can really help build your reputation and build helpful connections. 

7. Create content

In this day and age, it is necessary to be seen online. Competition is extensive and it can be difficult to stand out. A great way to market and advertise is to continually create content for your website and social media accounts. Get creative. Whether it’s articles or videos, create content that is focused on providing your clients with value — and hopefully that will attract them to your services! 

8. Make sure you’re visible online 

Since so many people find services online nowadays, it’s imperative that you are visible as an insurance agent. Ensure that people can find your agency easily. Be present across all channels of social media. Create a blog. Get into online directories. Include your business website in your email signature. If people can’t find you, they can’t use you as their agent! 

9. Send out a mailer 

Perhaps this method is a little more “old school” but it still works. Include a special offer and call-to-action that will stand out to your prospective clients. Sometimes people are too busy to take the time to go online and search something out, but a mailer can remind them of something they need to do — and your info is right in front of them! 

What are your favorite ways to advertise as an agent?

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