How to Master Asking Questions as an Insurance Agent

Published on June 21, 2021

As an agent, you likely talk to people all day long. You’ve probably become somewhat of a skilled conversationalist, but you may be missing some key sales expertise when it comes to asking powerful questions to your prospects.

Combining effectual questions with active listening creates the perfect formula for moving buyers toward a decision. 

In fact, one of the main reasons you could be missing out on closing sales is due to:

  1. Lack of effective questions – you’re failing to generate useful answers to take you on a linear path to closing
  2. Poor listening – you are not understanding the needs of your prospect and are focusing on the wrong information
  3. Interrupting the client before he/she has provided the answer – you are jumping to conclusions or think you know the answer before it is provided
  4. Failure to expose the needs of your prospect – your questions are failing to obtain the necessary information to solve your prospect’s problems

How can these problems be resolved? Learn how to ask the right questions at the right time.

How to Ask Better Questions

1. Make sure your questions are clear and direct 

Ensure your questions are to-the-point and understood by your prospective client. Don’t “beat around the bush!” Your buyers shouldn’t be confused by what you ask. 

2. Ask questions that require thinking

Your prospects need to be guided toward the resolution you want them to make. Ask questions that influence them to consider the solutions you are providing. Take them mentally through the steps needed to make a decision. 

3. Distinguish yourself from the competition

Make a list of questions a typical insurance agent would ask prospective buyers. Now, think outside the box and ask questions that make you seem more intuitive to your prospect’s needs. Not only will you stand out, but you will appear more knowledgeable and competent compared to your competition.  

4. Get your prospect to say yes

Are you asking questions that get your prospect to answer “yes” frequently? The more they observe your ability to solve their issues and understand them, the closer you will move toward a close. 

5. Are your questions contributing to an overall positive climate? 

Take caution not to ask questions that make your prospects feel doubtful or angry. You want to create an atmosphere of trust and positivity. You want your buyers to feel relieved when they are finished talking to you. 

6. Do your questions build rapport? 

Ask yourself if your question will build rapport or take it away. Always be aware of how your tone and choice of words may be perceived. 

7. Get proper information

Your questions should aim to reveal the information you need from your prospective clients to move toward a sale. Know what you need before the conversation starts and stay focused on getting that specific information. 

8. Ask closing questions

Once you have obtained all the answers you need, start making it a priority to ask questions that will close the sale. Don’t come across pushy, but be direct. Prepare yourself ahead of time with a list of closing questions to bring up as the situation unfolds. Know them by heart. 

Do you have a question-asking strategy that has worked well for you as an insurance agent? Do you find that selling certain policies requires a different angle? We hope these tips will help you master question-asking as an agent. 

We would love to hear about your favorite approaches. 

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