Medicare Payments to be Aware of in 2021

Published on April 26, 2021

Stay up to date on Medicare payment changes based on your income and plan that best meets your growing needs.

Part B Premium Costs – While Medicare Part A is mostly free for beneficiaries when it comes to hospital care, there is a monthly premium for Part B enrollees. ⦁ Part B takes care of doctor visits as well as outpatient services. This year, the standard monthly premium is set at $148.50, with higher fees for higher earners. For instance, someone with an income between $88,000 and $111,000 will be required to pay $207.90 each month. Surcharges are determined by the adjusted gross income from a couple years prior. For beneficiaries with a 2019 adjusted gross income of over $88,000 and over $176,000 for those who are married, the amount could range from $207.90 to $504.90. Moreover, Part B deductibles are at $203. After deductibles are met, patients typically pay around 20% of the Medicare-approved amount for Durable Medical Equipment, most doctor services, and outpatient therapy.

Part D Premium Costs – Medicare Part D takes care of drug costs, which can vary due to prescription plans, drug tiers, current benefit phases and pharmacy choice. Overall, the average premium plan will come out to be an estimated $30 each month in 2021. Elders with high drug fees may reach a temporary limit or coverage gap. This occurs when your entire plan reaches $4,130, which is an increase of $110 compared to last year. Once this is met, seniors will obtain 75% off on both brand-name and generic drugs. Insurers pick up 5% of the bill, and drug manufacturers pay 70%. Medicare will also take care of a majority of the cost after a minimum co-pay as soon as your out-of-pocket spending reaches $6,550. In comparison, the out-of-pocket expenditure in 2020 was $6,350.

Uncovered Fees: Medicare supplemental insurance, otherwise known as Medigap, helps fill in several gaps that Part A and Part B do not cover. They are accessible by private insurance companies that cover co-payments and deductibles. The Medigap policies are standardized with additional benefits you can choose based on your needs. They are identified with letters A across N. Plans C and F, however, are not available to newly enrolled people as of January 1, 2020. To get a plan similar to Plan F, you can opt for Plan G, which incorporates what Plan F offers minus the Medicare Part P deductible. However, people who were registered with Medicare prior to 2020 can also enroll in Plans C and F.

⦁ Medicare Advantage Plan: The Medicare Advantage Plan is also known as MA Plans, and they serve as another way to receive Part A and Part B coverage. Medicare-approved private insurance companies can offer medical and prescription drugs coverage to their patients. Plans set specific amounts for premiums, services, and deductibles on an annual basis. They decide prices and covered services, which can only change each year on January 1.

In the case of having limited resources and income, you may qualify for Extra Help. This program assists with paying for Medicare drug coverage when filling prescriptions.

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