The Best Books to Read as an Insurance Agent

Published on June 21, 2021

Are you interested in becoming an insurance agent and want to develop yourself professionally? Or perhaps you’re already an agent and just looking for resources to step up your game. 

Reading is the perfect way to advance your skill set in your spare time and learn from top experts in multiple areas. 

Which books are the most beneficial for insurance agents to start flipping through? From business to interpersonal skills, we’ve put together a list of our top favorite reads for agents. 

Best Books For Insurance Agents

1. So You Want to Be an Insurance Agent – Jeff Hastings

Written by one of the most successful District Managers in Farmer’s Insurance history, this book provides the essential framework for creating a successful insurance agency from the ground up. 

Business development, sales systems, hiring, and management tools are all included in this agency-building blueprint. With this book, you’ll have the knowledge to develop, manage, and grow your insurance business in no time. 

2. Secrets of Successful Insurance Sales – Jack Kinder Jr., Gary Kinder

This book is unique and exciting considering it contains unpublished work from famous self-help author Napolean Hill. 

The beginning defines the characteristics required for a positive mental attitude (PMA) and goes on to help readers establish the mindset needed for successful insurance sales. Purpose, planning, positioning, persuasiveness, professionalism, progress checks, and persistence are all main concepts in the book. 

Napolean Hill’s ideas and strategies are unmatched! 

3. How Successful People Think – John C. Maxwell

As an agent and business owner, there are always going to be outside influences out of your control. Luckily, thinking is not one of them! 

Author John. C. Maxwell takes readers on a journey through eleven elements of more effective thinking and provides practical ways to change thought patterns. The eleven keys are in this book are:

  • Cultivate Big-Picture Thinking
  • Engage in Focused Thinking
  • Harness Creative Thinking
  • Employe Realistic Thinking
  • Utilize Strategic Thinking
  • Explore Possibility Thinking
  • Learn From Reflective Thinking
  • Question Popular Thinking
  • Benefit From Shared Thinking
  • Practice Unselfish Thinking
  • Rely on Bottom-Line Thinking

You’ll feel re-focused and motivated to make changes after you’re done with this fantastic read aimed at thinking self-mastery.  

4. Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones – James Clear

As humans, our lives are typically laden with bad habits that can impede our progression and success. How is it possible that we can recognize our habits but still fail to change anything? 

As a top expert on habit formation, James Clear reveals the framework to change your habits, and in turn your life. One of Clear’s main focuses in this book is compounding, or making small changes each day to have an exponential effect over time. This book will provide all the tools and actionable steps you need to start on the path to better habits. 

5. How to Be Better at Almost Everything: Learn Anything Quickly, Stack Your Skills, Dominate – Pat Flynn

Life as an insurance agent is anything but ordinary. Having a limited range of skills is the quickest way to sink your business. Entrepreneur Pat Flynn believes becoming a “generalist” is the key to becoming a high-achiever. 

This book explores the art of “skill-stacking,” and becoming proficient in multiple disciplines. You’ll learn how to go from mediocre to valuable in no time by applying the concepts Flynn outlines in his book. Your agency depends on a diverse skill set! 

With five outstanding books on your “to-read” list, you can look forward to developing competence and excellence in a variety of areas related to running your agency. 

What are the best books you’ve read as an insurance agent? We hope you enjoy this list!

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