Top 6 Myths Surrounding a Career in Insurance

Published on June 21, 2021

Whether you’re a new college grad exploring job opportunities or a seasoned professional looking for a change of scenery, the insurance industry is worth considering.

Before you decide that becoming an agent is unattainable for various reasons, wait! A whirlwind of misconceptions may be stopping you from stepping into a promising field.

We are here to set the record straight and help you feel more at ease about a potential job as an agent. 

The top 6 myths you’ve heard about a career in insurance  

1. The insurance industry is too complex 

Sure, there is insurance for pretty much everything from vehicles to pets to health and everything in between. First of all, an agent typically doesn’t sell every type of insurance out there. You can search for a job selling lines based on your interest and previous experience.

So, if you want nothing to do with selling car insurance, no problem!

If you’re still overwhelmed at the thought of a career in insurance being too complex, remember that most companies have excellent training and development programs. You’ll be a pro in no time. 

2. Insurance agents are “sales-y”

Just like any other industry, there are good salespeople and bad salespeople. You may have an image of a pushy agent in your head, spamming potential customers all over the community with terrible marketing slogans and deceitful claims. Yes, they exist, and give agents a bad name.

A successful career in insurance is much more than that. As an agent, you’ll make it a personal endeavor to understand the complex circumstances of your clients and work to solve their problems. By offering solutions, you are providing a much-needed service to others. There is never any need to be a stereotypical pushy salesperson.

3. Agents can only offer limited choices on products 

While in some cases this can be true, there are plenty of agencies that represent a multitude of carriers and products. There’s no need to limit yourself with a single company if you don’t want to. It’s helpful to both you and your clients when you can offer them a vast assortment of options. 

4. Insurance agents need prior experience to be successful

Previous experience in the industry isn’t necessary. A successful career in insurance is more dependent on your willingness to learn and put in the work. Developing relationships and rapport with clients is one of the most important aspects of the job.

Thriving agents have come from all kinds of backgrounds, so if you’re interested in insurance but are worried about your lack of experience, worry no more. A career change is possible for any willing person. 

5. Not everyone needs insurance 

This could not be more false. Every person can benefit from insurance of some sort, and it’s an agent’s job to offer the best solutions for every client. When you work for a solid agency that represents a wide range of products, you have a great base for success.

If you’re interested in becoming an agent, just remember that everyone is a potential client! 

6. You need a degree to become an insurance agent

Although some education in business, finance, or risk management would be beneficial, you don’t need a degree for a career in insurance. Some companies may require it but many do not. There are plenty of training and development programs, mentorship opportunities, and continuing education courses to prepare you adequately for the job without a degree.

If any of these misconceptions have made you apprehensive about pursuing a new career as an insurance agent, you can put your doubts to rest.

American Senior Benefits offers a comprehensive toolkit for new agents with a range of features to get your business started. Contact us today and find out how you can become an agent with us. 

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