Where You Should Look if You’ve Lost Your Job During COVID-19

Published on May 29, 2020

The consequences of shutting down businesses during COVID-19 have resulted in millions upon millions of Americans out work. Record-breaking numbers of people have filed for unemployment with little idea of how they will move forward. 

What if there was a way to start making money again and have complete autonomy? This scenario is attractive to most, and we have just the answer. The solution is to go into business for yourself. While it may sound intimidating, there’s no better time to take the leap of faith than when you’ve lost your job and need to start fresh. 

Becoming an independent insurance agent with American Senior Benefits will provide you with the freedom to build your business your way, with a vast assortment of tools and resources to support you along the way. 

Why you should become an insurance agent if you’ve lost your job during COVID-19 

Working as an insurance agent definitely has its perks. Even if you lack experience, you can get the necessary education and licensing fairly quickly. 

Some reasons you should start an insurance career as an agent: 

You’ll learn an entirely new skillset

Perhaps your background is in medical or logistics. Or maybe you’ve spent most of your career in finance. Either way, if you’ve lost your job during the COVID-19 crisis, it’s the perfect time to start anew. Even if you are unfamiliar with the insurance industry, don’t worry. You can get up to speed in no time with some training. 

American Senior Benefits provides access to pre-licensure coursework at reduced rates to get you up to speed on everything you need to know. You’ll learn about everything from annuities to life insurance policies. You’ll be ready to start selling in no time.

Choosing to start a new career in insurance after you’ve lost your job in the midst of a pandemic is a tough decision, but ultimately you’ll learn an entirely new skillset and have the expertise to guide people in their financial decisions. 

You’ll be compensated well

One thing everyone considers when starting a new job or career is understandably the compensation. The good part about going into business for yourself is that you directly have the ability to change your earning potential. Your earnings will reflect your hard work and dedication to providing people with risk management and financial solutions for life’s common problems. 

Your training will give you the skills you need to earn a strong salary with a great long-term growth outlook. There’s nothing better than being able to control how much money you make. Our top agents earn well over the national average for insurance agents. 

You’ll enjoy the freedom that comes with working for yourself

For many people, the prospect of being able to control their own schedule and activities is very attractive. When you work for yourself, you can regulate your own day without worrying about micromanagement from someone above. 

If you choose to start your day making calls and contacts for several hours, then great. If you choose to spend your mornings catching up on follow-ups, you can do that too. Your day-to-day life as an insurance agent is completely in your hands. You can create the plan that best suits your personal and professional needs. 

Get Started 

If you have struggled since losing your job during the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the best time to move forward. American Senior Benefits provides agents with top-notch training and professional tools like marketing and sales support. The success of our agents is our top priority. 

Contact us today and we’ll let you know how you can start immediately. You won’t regret it. 

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