6 Ways to Follow up With New Clients and Build Relationships

Published on June 21, 2021

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Follow-ups are a key element of solid communication with your clients. Even though you’ve already closed the sale, the work is far from finished. 

Communicating with new clients builds trust and provides reassurance while building the foundation for future sales opportunities. 

How can you reach out without it feeling forced? Here are some ideas to get you started. 

1. Confirmation 

Nothing is more simple than a quick phone call to confirm the receipt of paperwork or emails. Ask your client if he/she has any questions about the declarations page or other forms that may have been sent. During this call, you can also ensure the client understands the policy well and knows you’re there to help when any needs arise. 

2. Survey

A good reason to make contact with your new clients is to obtain a satisfaction survey. Not only will they feel their opinion matters, but it’s an opportunity to improve yourself and your sales process. If there were any frustrations, they can be resolved during this conversation. Take the time to listen closely! 

3. Reviews

Another great way to follow up with clients is by asking for a review. Even if you primarily work with the 55+ age group, most everyone knows how to leave a review online. Email your new clients links to your website, social media pages, and other relevant sites they may want to leave an honest review on. This is also a fantastic way to generate leads as people will start to see how reputable you are. 

4. Perks

There’s not a person on the planet that doesn’t like getting something for free. Many agents work with local businesses to offer some type of bonus like a car wash, oil change, gift card, or discounted service with a new policy. This is also a favorable time to ask for referrals as your client will be more willing to open up after your gift!

5. Policy Review

Don’t underestimate the value of priming new clients with expectations. It will be easier to set an appointment for their annual policy and financial review when they are fresh vs. a year down the road when it sounds more like a sales pitch. Let them know right away you like to meet with your clients once a year to make sure their policies are fitting their needs. Every agent is well aware it’s easier to sell to a current customer than a new one! Plant the seeds for upselling early. 

6. Welcome

Perhaps the most straightforward way to contact a new client is simply to extend a welcome from your agency. This is a perfect time to go over questions, concerns, procedures, and even touch on other products you offer. Provide your clients with your phone number for easy access if a claim arises. Build that relationship! 

What’s Next? 

With a follow-up system in place for fresh clients, you’ll be sure to avoid missing an opportunity to build rapport and trust. The goal is always to establish a long-term and loyal relationship with your clients. If you haven’t yet established a process like this, now is a great time to implement one! 

Over time, you will start to see the benefits of your efforts. As you build your clientele, sales opportunities will also continue to increase as you maintain solid relationships with your customers. Decide which of these methods works for you (or come up with your own) and create a plan!

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