Top Habits of the Best Insurance Agents

Published on June 21, 2021

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Let’s face it, we are creatures of habit. Bad habits can really sink your success and halt progression. Sales professionals know that only the best routines turn into positive results. In the insurance world, establishing excellent habits is vital to building a successful business. 

Here are some of the top habits of the best insurance agents. 

1. Punctuality

There’s no faster way to turn away a client than to be late for a meeting or phone call. First impressions say a whole lot, so make sure your clients know they are the top priority when you make an appointment. Practice the same principle with your employees and associates as well. You’ll find that when you are on-time, you are not constantly worrying about the day being backed up. 

2. Organization

Any experienced insurance agent will tell you that there are a hundred things to keep track of in a day. From sales appointments to emails and follow-ups, the list never seems to be short. Invest in a high-quality business planner or organizer to track appointments and tasks for the week. Ensure your workspace is free of clutter and has designated areas for paperwork and notes. Keep your computer files in order and systemized for easy access and review. A clean work area tends to help the mind relax and focus. 

3. Education

The best agents know that studying doesn’t stop once you get your license. Developing your stride as an agent takes time and plenty of learning. While your broker probably has materials for professional development, you can also find immensely helpful content elsewhere. 

Try a few of these: 

  • Podcasts (Sales, Business, Productivity, Marketing)
  • Webinars
  • Audiobooks
  • Blogs
  • Mentors

The best agents are always on top of their growth and improvement. Make time each day for personal development. Listening to a podcast or book during your daily commute is a perfect way to implement this.

4. Sales Efficiency

Sales are the bread and butter of your insurance agency, and frankly what will make you a living. The top insurance agents have their sales process down to a science, and in turn, have flourishing businesses. What makes an efficient sales process? 

Here are several factors:

Scripts – Use engaging and well-practiced scripts when talking to prospects. Don’t sound robotic and disinterested. Above all, learn how to close! 

Quality vs. Quantity – Sure, the goal is to work as many leads as possible, but how many of those are warm and ready to hear you out? Spend as little time as possible trying to convert completely cold leads. Find out quickly if the prospect is interested and move on. There are a number of great phone dialer software options available to move through your leads effectively. 

Follow-up – In this day and age, there are limitless options for executing a strong follow-up. While email is usually the first choice, options like social media advertising, Google ads, and webinars also exist to help funnel your clients from point A to point B. 

5. Health-Focused

Perhaps most importantly, healthy habits are some of the most fundamental to success. Agents who prioritize their physical and mental health typically fare better than those that don’t. Make time for a quick run in the morning, and skip the fast food at lunch! When work is over, spend time disconnected from your laptop and enjoy hobbies and family. 

Do you put any of these habits to work already? Do you need improvement in some of these areas? Write down one thing today that you want to implement this month. Once it becomes a habit, move on to the next goal. You’ll be executing all of these habits in no time!

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