5 Killer Strategies To Get More Insurance Referrals

Published on June 21, 2021

All insurance agents know that referrals are the lifeblood of any insurance business. After all, referrals are easier to close and come with an established level of credibility right off the bat. 

While referrals are a highly successful way to get new business, many agents struggle to generate them. Why is that? One major reason is that insurance agents are uncomfortable asking for more business. 

The secret to getting more referrals is to know how to effectively tap into your various professional and personal networks. 

We’ve generated a list of top strategies to increase your referral pipeline.

5 Killer Strategies To Get More Insurance Referrals

1. Get More “Likes” On Your Facebook Page 

Facebook is widely used by most people these days and can have a major impact on the perception of your business. Make sure you have a professional page for your insurance services that clients, family, and friends can like and leave reviews on. The more page likes you have, the better reputation you will establish in your community. 

For example, if two different agents have 38 page-likes vs 938 page-likes, which agent is more likely to attract a new prospect? More engagement on your page means more satisfied clients. Respond to each review to appear responsive to client feedback. 

2. Create A Referral Program With Other Professionals

Do you specialize in health or life insurance but not property or auto? Find another agent that can send business your way and vice versa. You could also find a financial advisor, accountant, or other professionals that would be a good fit for exchanging referrals. Make sure they are reputable and will take good care of your clients as well. 

3. Give A Referral 

A great way to get an insurance referral is to refer one of your clients to someone you know. For example, if your client vents to you about a specific problem during one of your meetings, refer him/her to the appropriate person. You may get a referral in return! Keep a list of current clients you could send referrals to handy as well.

4. Hand Out A “New Client” Packet

This strategy is the perfect way to get creative when looking for referrals. In addition to including relevant policy information, include extras like a few business cards,  education booklet on additional products and services, links to your website and social media page, incentive program information, etc. 

Give this packet to your new client in person and go over everything inside together. 

5. Change Your Thought Process About Asking For Referrals

A mental hurdle insurance agents have to overcome is their attitude about referrals themselves. 

Do you feel like you are bothering your clients or peers by asking them for referrals? Does it feel “sales-y?” If so, your thought process needs work! 

It’s essential to hold the belief that you are truly trying to help people with your services. After all, an insurance agent helps individuals save money, prepare for the future, and get their affairs in order. View the process of getting referrals as offering unparalleled service and assistance with stressful situations. Value yourself as an agent and trustworthy business owner.

Once you are able to adopt this mindset, it will be less uncomfortable asking for referrals. 

If you’re serious about using new strategies to get more insurance referrals in your pipeline, start using some of these this week. Do you have any other tactics that have worked for you? 

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