8 Tips to Get Your Insurance Leads to Call Back

Published on June 21, 2021

Cold calling insurance leads is typically never at the top of anyone’s favorite activities list. Frequent rejection and angry leads can get old really fast. It seems to be a necessary evil when growing your business. 

Another common frustration with cold calling is getting voicemails repeatedly. Simply getting a prospect on the phone is half the battle!

Need some helpful tips for getting your insurance leads to call back? 

We’ve come up with a list of nine that will help you leave more effective voicemails and get more callbacks. 

1. Remember, You Need to Earn The Callback

First and foremost, remember that you need to earn the interest of the lead. If he/she doesn’t call you back, it’s because you didn’t do your job. You may think your only sale is going to be a policy, but in reality you have to sell an interest in yourself first! Your leads must want to call you back. Keep that in mind as you attempt to contact people. 

2. State That You’re Local

Interestingly enough, people tend to be more trusting of someone they know is local rather than across the country. If you knew you were some random lead that came up in a call center thousands of miles away, would you be eager to call back? Probably not. Give yourself an edge up and tell them you’re located nearby. 

3. Insert Some Humor 

Nothing makes you more relatable than a sense of humor on the phone. If there’s something from their voicemail message or an event from the day (even the weather) and you can make a little joke out of it, there are people out there who will appreciate the attempt at a laugh. 

4. Send a Text 

In addition to leaving a voicemail, including a text message is another way to make contact, and generally not as formal. Send a casual, straightforward, and friendly text. In the event they don’t check their voicemail much, you’ll at least have another contact method. 

5. Point Out The Referral

Remember, if someone referred the lead to you, make sure you mention it first thing! The person listening to the voicemail will be much more willing to listen to the full message and call you back if you’ve established that common contact. 

6. Give Them Your Callback Number Twice

While it may not seem like a big deal, people are generally apprehensive to listen to a voicemail in the first place, let alone two or three times. This means you need to state your number at the beginning AND the end of the message so your prospect doesn’t have to dig through your voicemail again to find it. 

7. Always Use Their Name 

Don’t forget to use the person’s first name when addressing him/her in your message. People respond better to hearing their first name as opposed to a generic “one size fits all” approach. Use their name (more than once if it sounds natural) and be as genuine as possible. 

8. Keep It Short And Sweet

Lastly, keep your voice message straight and to the point. Give enough information to get the prospect interested but don’t be long-winded. 

Integrating these strategies into your voicemails will hopefully help solve some of your cold calling woes. Master one technique and move on to the next. 

Have you used any of these tips before and had positive results? What methods have brought you success with getting insurance leads to call you back? Let us know! 

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