How to Start Your Career in the Insurance Industry

Published on June 21, 2021

Learn the basics of starting your career in the insurance industry.

Have you been thinking about starting a career in the insurance industry? It is a great time to get started in the field, and we can help you with the basics of how to do it.

Insurance is an interesting, dynamic, and complex field with many different career paths and choices. There are some basics to know before you get started.

Read on to learn more, then contact the experts at American Senior Benefits for more help.

How to Start Your Career in the Insurance Industry

There are several things to do when starting in the insurance business.

Consider if insurance is right for you – Is insurance the right fit for you? Many people find they are successful in the insurance industry if they are curious, self-motivated, resilient, and dedicated. It can take time to develop your skills and knowledge, so you have to be hard-working and committed. If you go into a sales position, you have to handle rejection – all salespeople hear “no” frequently and must be able to manage it.

Network – To become successful, you have to meet people working in the insurance industry who can help you, hire you, or introduce you to others. This is critical regardless of your career path – once you have decided to begin your career in the insurance industry, start reaching out to meet people. You can network virtually through webinars and social media platforms and in-person at industry events, training, conferences, and even out in your community while volunteering, worshipping, or recreating.

Establish your social media presence – Many people find success with virtual platforms when starting their insurance careers. Professional networking channels like LinkedIn can provide you with information, job resources, and people working in your field and similar ones. YouTube can offer practical tutorials and tips for learning about the industry, networking, and social media. Make sure you have a professional profile and begin to engage with others in the insurance industry – this is a good way to establish yourself as a thought leader and to meet people.

Take classes – Build your industry knowledge and grow your reputation as a leading professional at the same time. You will need to take continuing education classes to maintain your license, and there are other courses you can choose to take that build to insurance designations. These designations can help you stand out among your competition and help you learn more about your new career and field.

Research your path – There are many different career options and paths within the insurance industry. For example, many people decide to become licensed sales agents and sell insurance products directly to consumers. But you should know there are many other jobs in the industry that directly or indirectly support sales agents, like customer service reps, actuaries, product developers, claims reps, and many more. Explore all your options to make sure you find a career that fits your personality, goals, and needs.

Final Thoughts

Starting your career in the insurance industry can be fun and exciting. It takes research and dedication, but there are many resources designed to help you succeed.

Once you decide you want to develop your career in insurance, reach out to American Senior Benefits for help getting started. We love to talk about how rewarding it is to help people by working in the insurance industry.

How do I Learn More?

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