The 7 Best Apps for Insurance Agents

Published on June 21, 2021

For most people, mobile apps are a way of life. We use them for everything from entertainment to health and every other aspect of life you can think of. 

Business is no different. Fortunately, insurance agents have access to a multitude of apps that can make daily activities more streamlined and efficient. 

What are the best apps for insurance agents? See our favorites below. 

1. CamScanner

Insurance agents know too well that mounds of documents can be a pain point in their daily shuffle. Scanning documents the old-fashioned way can be time-consuming and inefficient. 

CamScanner takes the annoyances out of document scanning and creates a streamlined, accessible system for your agency. You and your employees can access documents and send them out anytime, even when not in the office. CamScanner’s premium character recognition technology makes it easy to look for specific documents by extracting text from images. Now that’s useful! 

2. Evernote

Evernote is the perfect way to organize your notes; from meeting briefs to on-the-go lists, you can use this app for just about everything. If you have several employees, Evernote has a business option with more advanced features like workflows and business app integrations to always stay connected. 

3. My Minutes

For Apple users, My Minutes is a straightforward personal time-tracker to keep you from wasting time during the day. Set goals and time limits for your daily activities. For example, you can set a limit on how much time you spend on tasks like email and minimums on other tasks like exercise. It’s a great app to help keep you focused, as being an insurance agent can be hectic. 

4. Expensify

Do you struggle to keep track of expenses for your agency and employees? Stop fumbling with receipts and hand-written post-it notes and organize everything with one app. Expensify makes it simple to scan receipts, track expenses, and sync data with your accounting software. You can even create automatic approvals and policies for employee spending within the app. Expense reports no longer have to be a headache. 

5. Google Assistant

Perhaps one of the lesser-known apps available, Google Assistant can take away some of the small tasks of your day and save time. You can ask it to look up emails, set reminders, get real-time answers and much more. Google Assistant can work across all your devices,  including your car or smartwatch (if compatible). 

6. DocuSign

DocuSign is one of the most useful apps an insurance agent can utilize almost daily. This app makes sending and receiving documents that need signatures from clients a breeze! This can make new policies and claims move along much more efficiently than in-person signing. Your clients will also always have access to completed documents, eliminating excess paper.   

7. Buffer

It’s always a good idea for insurance agents these days to utilize social media in any way possible. Daily management of several accounts can be tedious, however. With Buffer, you can manage everything from one dashboard and include agency team members as well. Plan content and schedule posts to make your social media marketing campaigns stress-free. 

We hope you are able to utilize these apps to improve your daily workflow and save time so your agency can run more smoothly. What are your favorite apps for business? Are there any apps you have tried that aren’t as functional as you hoped? Let us know! 

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